Four officers have been murdered in the last 24 hours

In the last 24 hours, the Thin Blue Line has seen a heartbreaking tragedy involving unnecessary violence against police officers.

On May 10, Detective Luca Benedetti with the San Luis Obispo Police Department (CA) was shot and killed while serving a warrant. Another Detective who was with him was also shot. Detective Benedetti was a 12 year veteran of the force, and was married with two children.

Also on on May 10, Deputy Stephen Jones and Deputy Samuel Leonard of the Concho County Sheriff’s Office (TX) Deputies were shot and killed while responding to a dog complaint.

On May 11, Officer Jimmy Inn of the Stockton Police Department (CA) was killed while responding to a domestic violence complaint. He was married, and had a 7 month old child. His wife also worked for the Stockton Police Department.

Enough is Enough!