Instagram closes account of 12 year old boy who honors fallen first responders

In a strange series of events, Instagram has closed the account of a 12 year old boy who runs to honor fallen first responders. The Running For Heroes page is operated by the family members of 12 year old Zechariah, who runs with flags to honor fallen heroes. So far, he has run almost 400 miles this year to honor fallen first responders.

In a post made on Facebook last night, they shared the following:

Some bummer news to share with you all…

We were made aware over the last few hours that Instagram has removed the “Running 4 Heroes” Instagram page. The reason for removal was “for violating the terms” of Instagram.

We attempted to dispute the disabling of our account, but we were told that the account was removed “for not following the Instagram Terms of Use” and that they “are unable to restore it”. They went on to say that the “Running 4 Heroes” Instagram account “can no longer be accessed or viewed”.

They never were able to provide us specifics as to what terms we violated, though they did hint at our account “impersonating” someone… I continue to seek answers on why our account was removed, though it will appear to be a losing battle.

Our apologies to all those who followed us on the Instagram page..

Running For Heroes, Inc. Facebook page

You can see the post by clicking here.